You really don’t want to miss this Frame Show! Etnia Barcelona has agreed to bring their entire collection for YOU to view! Mark your calendars off for March 30th and come on down to Waverley Eye Care to view their ENTIRE COLLECTION.

About the Line:

Etnia Barcelona was founded in the 50’s in Barcelona by Fulgencio Ramo. Ramo worked for years in a factory creating sunglasses in Barcelona. Until finally, he accomplished his dream of creating his own company. His love for colors and sunglasses came from his two daughters. Ramo would bring home sunglasses on Sundays for his daughters to clean. The company was then passed down to his daughters, then his grandson David. David had fresh ideas and two generations of inherent knowledge.

They strive to show important cultural events and art throughout history. All the lines are inspired by different events, art, and cultures throughout Spain and the rest of the world. David introduced color into a brown and black frame world.  Etnia was then born in 2001, when they began selling frames all over Spain.

David focused the line on being free, being human, being multi-ethnic and cultured. The frames boost personalities by adding vibrant blasts of color to your everyday wardrobe. Not only are they extremely fashionable and fun, they are also very comfortable and timeless. Etnia is devoted to capture travel, art, culture, fashion in all of their designs.

Etnia is known for being fun, youthful, vibrant and comfortable. If you don’t like the color of the frame you have on, then no problem they have 6 colors of every frame. But Davids love for color didn’t just stop there, he also created lenses for their sunglasses.

Their sunglasses have some of the best sunglass technology in the world. Their mineral lens is manufactured from pure crystal. They are antiscratch, 70 times sharper and have 3 reflective layers. They take pride on being 100% protective. The lenses don’t reduce visual perception they actually enhance colors. So you can see the world beautifully while protecting your eyes from harsh UV rays. They created 3 types of lenses, a High Definition Lens, a Polarized Lens, and a Photocromic Lens.

With a great company history and fantastic products, why wouldn’t you want to wear Etnia Barcelona?


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Wild WOOW Wednesday!

Today we are featuring our new line WOOW! Come in and check out our collection! This line brings fun, color, and humor to your wardrobe! These frames will make you look and feel younger! Everyday, when you put on your WOOW frame they will brighten up your day with a fun message on the inside of the temples.

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Zeiss Week February 29-March 5

Come Celebrate our 20th Anniversary with Zeiss Week

This week only we have special promotions on Zeiss products.

We have $100 off of Zeiss Progressive Lenses, Office Lenses and Drive Safe Lenses.

We also have up to 45% OFF of Prescription and Non-prescription Zeiss Snow Goggles.

Drop by to take advantage of these promotions.


best brands of glasses

How many glasses should I own?

Great question.

Now I know that I am biased but the non-glasses wearing host of this youtube chat has a good point – glasses can cost a lot, but most of us have at least a couple of $500 plus items that we wear, but we don’t wear everyday.
The question I always would like to ask people is what is the oldest item you are wearing?  I am guessing it would be:
  1. Wedding ring
  2. Watch
  3. Glasses
What is the oldest item you are wearing right now?
Dr. Michael Nelson, Optometrist

How to choose prescription sunglasses?


Sometimes all the options available for those choosing prescription sunglasses can make the task so overwhelming that it is easier not to make the choice at all.  So to try to simplify the process let me highlight a few keys points when making your decision.


As with anything, you generally get what you pay for.  A more expensive set of sunglasses will mean you get a better quality and more comfortable frame.  The lens will have better optics, more comfortable tints and better scratch coatings.  That being said you can get good quality sunglasses without breaking the budget. My Recommendation: If you want an inexpensive lens, we have some starting at $20.

Base Curve

Base curve refers to how much wrap your sunglass lens has.  Wrap is desirable because it helps eleminate sun coming in from the side or behind the lens.  Optometrists have an instrument that can measure the base curve of the frame, but sunglasses are generally either 8 Base (lots of wrap) or 6 Base.  Frames that you use as your everyday clear lenses are usually between 2-6 Base.  High Wrap sunglasses (8 Base) look great without a prescription, but when you add a prescription to them, the lens can get very thick and distorted at the edges.   This means that unless you have a very low prescription, you should avoid wrap frames for your prescription sunglasses.  My Recommendation:  For a prescription sunglass, look for a 6 base frame for a good compromise in function and optics.


Polarization is often an overlooked option, mostly because of the price.  But once you have had a polarized lens you will never want a pair of sunglasses without it.  Polarization is the feature that eliminates horizontal glare off a wet road, water or any horizontal surface.  It makes lenses incredibly comfortable.  My Recommendation:  Splurge for the polarized lens, you won’t be disappointed.

Tint Colour

Tint colour affects the contrast of what you see.  Grey lenses will keep colours looking normal but will do little to improve contrast.  Blue or purple lenses will reduce contrast and that is why you don’t see sunglasses with this colour.  Brown or amber tints will tend to improve contrast and make things appear a little brighter.  There is not really any right or wrong with regards to tint, it is more about personal preference.  My Recommendation:  If you don’t have any preference, I would recommend an amber tint.

Anti-reflection Coating

Antireflection is a must for clear lenses but it serves a different purpose in sunglasses.  An antireflection coating on the front of the lens is not needed on sunglasses, however some high-end sun lenses will have an antireflection on the back of the lens which can eliminate reflections from sunlight that comes from behind you.  My Recommendation:  If the sunglass lenses come with a back surface antireflection coating great, but if not I don’t think you have to invest in it – invest in a polarized lens instead.

 UV Protection

UV protection is essential.  Fortunately even the least expensive sunlens will have a UV coating.  One important fact, that most are not aware of, is that UV protection has nothing to do with how dark the lens is.  The UV coating is a clear coating that blocks invisible UV light.  You can have a non-sunglass lens that blocks 100% of UV light.  My Recommendation:  UV Protection is essential to reduce the risk of earlier cataracts and macular degeneration.

Hopefully this will be enough to get you started.

Michael Nelson. OD

Tulips and Tees EyeWear Trunk Show

When you think of spring, you think of Tulips and Golf and so we are excited to host our

Spring Tulips and Tees EyeWear Trunk Show! 

Thursday April 26th from Noon – 8pm.

 This is a perfect opportunity to update your look with a new frame.

Stop by to see the entire collections of three of our most popular new eyewear lines – lots of great new men’s and women’s frames.

We have same day instore promotions that could save you 10-40% off your frame or even a free frame.  If you recieved a postcard in the mail, be sure to bring it in.  There are up to 5 different postcards – each one represents a different frame discount and there is even one that gives you a free frame.  If you did not receive a postcard, just stop by and we will give you one.

In addition we are partnering with GolfTown to host FREE golf clinics outside our office.  We are bringing in Golftown’s Golf Pro to host 2 – 30 minute pitching lessons.  These free lessons will be offered at 12:30pm and 6:00pm.  YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE LESSONS AS SPACE IS LIMITED, PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL US FOR MORE DETAILS OR TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT.

We will have other instore give draws and FREE starbucks coffee.

We look forward to seeing you.

Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday is a Scandinavian designed  line of unisex frames that reflect the style of the 50’s, the shameless 60’s and the colourful 70’s.