That Dress: Blue & Black or White & Gold

Dr. Nelson gives an explanation on if the dress is blue & black or white & gold


2014 Optometrist of the Year Awarded to Dr. Michael Nelson

Optometrist of the Year Award 2014

Optometrist of the Year Award 2014

Manitoba Optometrist of the Year 2014 award in recognition of work on Manitoba Optometrists Therapeutic Legislation allowing Optometrists to write prescriptions to treat eye diseases like glaucoma, iritis, dry eye and infections.  This legislation which was enacted in July 2013, and is the culmination of a 30 year effort by Manitoba Optometrists to provide better access to eye care to Manitobans.  Manitobans can now receive treatment for glaucoma, iritis, infections, injuries and dry eye without having to see an Optometrist first and they be referred to an Ophthalmologist. 

Directly related to this legislation, Waverley Eye Care Centre is excited to provide a walk-in eye clinic to provide urgent eye care to Manitobans.


Children Should Get Eye Exam Before Using 3D Games



WINNIPEG, MB, MARCH 28, 2011: With the release of the Nintendo 3DS yesterday, the issue of eye safety in children under 6 has come into question. 1 in 20 children under the age of 6 suffer from amblyopia (lazyeye) and usually have no symptoms. Amblyopia(Lazyeye) occurs when a child does not develop normal vision in one eye. This impairs the ability to see 3D images or have normal depth perception. Amblyopia can only be treated if detected and diagnosed, therefore and eye exam with an Optometrist is critical for children under 6.

The Nintendo 3DS uses a new innovative design which shows a slightly different image to each eye. The result is the ability to see 3D images without the need for 3D glasses. Nintendo has officially warned that this technology should not be used by children under the age of 6 because it may harm their immature vision. Eye doctors, on the contrary, have said this or other 3D technology may not directly harm a young child’s vision. In children with amblyopia, it could result in eyestrain and headaches.

According to available reports less than 15% of children under 6 years old have had an eye exam. This means preventable vision loss has gone undiagnosed and untreated. Some parents wait for kindergarten vision screenings. These screenings come too late for treating amblyopia. An eye exam with their Optometrist starting at age 3 ensures the normal development of 3D vision in children.