Pearle Vision/Shopper’s Optical

People often assume that glasses at Waverley Eye Care are more expensive.  I am not sure why, but that is often the assumption.  The truth is, our prices our often less expensive. 

I was doing some price comparisons at Pearle Vision (previously Shopper’s Optical) and here is what I found:

Pearle Vision

Silhouette Frame $440.00

Generic non-aspheric Plastic Lens with anti-reflective coating $189.00

Total:  $629.00 – $100 discount = $529.00

Waverley Eye Care

Silhouette Frame: $399

Nikon Aspheric Plastic Lenses with Anti-reflective Coating $159

Total:  $558.00

I know, I know our price is more expensive, but look again.  Notice I didn’t compare the same thing.  The frame is the same, but I quoted a price for Nikon Aspheric lenses which have superior optics, longer lasting coatings and an unprecedented 2 year warranty against scratches and coating defects.  Now I could offer a generic anti-reflective lens ($119) and our price would be $517.00, but why would I recommend you purchase a $400 frame and then give you a lens whose coatings may only last 1 year?

Michael D. Nelson, OD

Price Comparisons

I was talking with some business owners the other day and they were asking me about how I compete with all the sales that the big box and chain optical stores provide. I said that the key to competing is to educate our patients about what the ‘sales’ are. The interesting thing is that when a chain optical store offers $75 off coupons, this brings their price into the normal price range of our clinic. So basically if someone is shopping at an optical store without a coupon they are paying $75-$150 more than they should.

The other aspect that we educate our patients on is that quality of frames and lenses can vary dramatically. We can offer very inexpensive frames and lenses if a patient would like, however we don’t recommend it because we can’t afford our patients to be unhappy when their coatings or frames start to fall apart within a year.

Michael Nelson, OD