Golf Ball Promotion

If you are reading this you may have found one of our Logo’d Golf Balls that says you have won a prize. The Prize you have won depends on 2 things: The Brand of the Golf Ball and the number on the Golf Ball. Please refer to the list below for the prize. To redeem, just bring your winning Golf ball to our Clinic.

Calloway Tour HX #1: Free Eye Exam

Calloway Tour HX #2: Free Optomap Retinal Imaging Photo

Calloway Tour HX #3: Free Trial Fitting of Nike MaxSight Sport Contacts

Calloway Tour HX #4: Free Upgrade from Nikon Antireflection to Nikon ICE coating

Calloway BigBertha #1: 10% Off the Purchase of a New Frame

Calloway BigBertha #2: $10 Off the Purchase of New Lenses

Calloway BigBertha #3: $20 off the Purchase of 1 Year Supply of Contact Lenses

Calloway BigBertha #4: 10 Free Trial Pairs of Daily Disposable Contacts

Calloway Warbird #1: Free Starter Kit of ClearCare Contact Lens Solution

Calloway Warbird #2: 4 Free Slushies

Calloway Warbird #3: Free Spectacle Lens Spray

Calloway Warbird #4: Free Lens Cleaning Clothe