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Nikon Lenses Make Your Iphone Faster

If I was to ask you what business Nikon was in, you would probably say cameras, or perhaps eyeglass lenses or perhaps telescopes…but you would be wrong.

A little known fact is that one of Nikon’s main operations is the manufacturing of steppers.  Nikon is the second largest stepper supplier in the world.  Now if you are like me, you probably have no idea what a stepper is.  A stepper is the device that is used in the complex process of photolithography, which creates the millions of microscopic circuits on silicone chips.  These chips are the building block of virtually every electronic device you use.

Steppers use dozens of lenses to minify the circuit patterns onto a silicon chip.  The most important feature of a stepper is a lens that provides optimal transmission and focus of light through the lenses and that is why Nikon spends millions of research dollars in developing the best optics and the best coatings they can.  This is why they are a leader in the field of steppers.

Now the great news for you and I is that Nikon has decided to apply this research to their camera and eyeglass lenses, helping us see the world clearer.

Michael Nelson, Optometrist, Waverley Eye Care