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People often assume that glasses at Waverley Eye Care are more expensive.  I am not sure why, but that is often the assumption.  The truth is, our prices our often less expensive. 

I was doing some price comparisons at Pearle Vision (previously Shopper’s Optical) and here is what I found:

Pearle Vision

Silhouette Frame $440.00

Generic non-aspheric Plastic Lens with anti-reflective coating $189.00

Total:  $629.00 – $100 discount = $529.00

Waverley Eye Care

Silhouette Frame: $399

Nikon Aspheric Plastic Lenses with Anti-reflective Coating $159

Total:  $558.00

I know, I know our price is more expensive, but look again.  Notice I didn’t compare the same thing.  The frame is the same, but I quoted a price for Nikon Aspheric lenses which have superior optics, longer lasting coatings and an unprecedented 2 year warranty against scratches and coating defects.  Now I could offer a generic anti-reflective lens ($119) and our price would be $517.00, but why would I recommend you purchase a $400 frame and then give you a lens whose coatings may only last 1 year?

Michael D. Nelson, OD

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