Complete Solution Recall

AMO has issued a voluntary recall of Complete® MoisturePlusTM contact lens solutions because of an association with Acanthamoeba infections when using Complete. Acanthamoeba is a rare but serious eye infection. The Centre for Disease Control has reported 46 cases since 2005, of these 21 of these individuals report using Complete. Click for the press release.

The company has instructed consumers to discontinue use and call 1-866-492-6019 for more information on the recall.

Acanthamoeba infections have long been a risk factor for contact lens wearers. Individuals are at particular risk if they swim in fresh water with contacts on, store their contacts in unsterilized containers or use tap water to clean lenses. We are recommending our patients to reduce the risk of Acanthamoeba infections by using ClearCare Hydrogel Peroxide solution(READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY), change to a daily disposable lens or eliminate other factors that would put them at risk for Acanthamoeba infections. Please feel free to email me if you have any other questions.

Michael Nelson OD