Near-sighted cell discovered in retina

Researchers have discovered a cell in the retina which may control the growth of the eyeball and the cause of myopia.   It also seems that indoor light might stimulate this cell to increase the amount of nearsightedness one develops.  This contributes to the observation that kids that spend more time outdoors tend to be less nearsighted.

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Dr Michael D. Nelson, OD


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Michael Nelson, OD

Canadian Association of Optometrists Leaders Forum

Dr. Nelson & Dr. Friesen are in Montreal attending the Optometric Leaders Forum.   An event that brings together leaders in the Canadian Optometry to discuss about the important issues in the eye care industry….We want you think about your eyes and how important your vision is to you.  Dr. Nelson is the Manitoba representative on the Canadian Association of Optometrists Board and Dr. Friesen is the Manitoba representative on the Canadian Examiners of Optometry Board.

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Your Eye is Worth $35,268,799 + Tax

Do you ever get frustrated with blurry cell phone photos and sometimes wish your camera was a clear your regular vision?  So here is summary of how much it would cost to buy a camera that is as good as your eye.

How Much Would Your Eye Cost if it was a Camera

Michael D. Nelson, Optometrist

Waverley Eye Care Centre

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Having Trouble Sleeping – See Your Eye Doctor.

Most people are familiar with that blue aura glowing from tablets and laptops….it looks cool but is it harming you?  We know that this blue light (now this is blue visible light, not UV light) triggers certain things in the brain.  One is that it can disrupt sleep patterns.  So some people have taken to wearing orange lenses for the last few hours before bed…..others have just put the devices away and read a good old fashioned paper book.

Orange Lenses Can Help You Sleep

How Do I Prevent Nearsightedness?

There is a nearsighted epidemic going on in the world.  In the 1970’s about 20% of NorthAmerican and Asian 20 year olds were nearsighted.  Now it is about 40% of North American and 96% of Asian 20 year olds.

While we don’t fully understand why or how, studies seem to indicate that more time spent outdoors seems to protect against becoming nearsighted.  Studies show that about 90-120 minutes outdoors in the sun can reduce nearsightedness.  What we do know is that it is not related to amounts of upclose work, as the studies have corrected for that.  In fact, there are some schools in Taiwan that have ‘bright-light’ classrooms where the walls and ceilings are made of see through plastic and these students seem to be less nearsighted than in other schools.

So get outside!!!

Cure to Asia’s Nearsighted Epidemic

One Test in Grade 1 Can Predict Nearsightedness in Grade 6

One big question we have is what causes nearsightedness and can we stop it.  Well we don’t know exactly how to stop it but before we are able to determine that it would be helpful to know how to predict it.  So what test could we do in grade 1 that would predict whether someone would have glasses in grade 6 photo.

It seems obvious, but a study has shown that the more nearsighted you are in Grade 1, the more likely you would be nearsighted in grade 6.  Here is a link to the news report and a recording by the author.

News Report

Interview with Dr. Karla Zadn


4 Ways to Improve your Eye-Hand Coordination

Check out these tips on our EyeGym Canada post on how to improve your Eye-Hand Coordination.