You really don’t want to miss this Frame Show! Etnia Barcelona has agreed to bring their entire collection for YOU to view! Mark your calendars off for March 30th and come on down to Waverley Eye Care to view their ENTIRE COLLECTION.

About the Line:

Etnia Barcelona was founded in the 50’s in Barcelona by Fulgencio Ramo. Ramo worked for years in a factory creating sunglasses in Barcelona. Until finally, he accomplished his dream of creating his own company. His love for colors and sunglasses came from his two daughters. Ramo would bring home sunglasses on Sundays for his daughters to clean. The company was then passed down to his daughters, then his grandson David. David had fresh ideas and two generations of inherent knowledge.

They strive to show important cultural events and art throughout history. All the lines are inspired by different events, art, and cultures throughout Spain and the rest of the world. David introduced color into a brown and black frame world.  Etnia was then born in 2001, when they began selling frames all over Spain.

David focused the line on being free, being human, being multi-ethnic and cultured. The frames boost personalities by adding vibrant blasts of color to your everyday wardrobe. Not only are they extremely fashionable and fun, they are also very comfortable and timeless. Etnia is devoted to capture travel, art, culture, fashion in all of their designs.

Etnia is known for being fun, youthful, vibrant and comfortable. If you don’t like the color of the frame you have on, then no problem they have 6 colors of every frame. But Davids love for color didn’t just stop there, he also created lenses for their sunglasses.

Their sunglasses have some of the best sunglass technology in the world. Their mineral lens is manufactured from pure crystal. They are antiscratch, 70 times sharper and have 3 reflective layers. They take pride on being 100% protective. The lenses don’t reduce visual perception they actually enhance colors. So you can see the world beautifully while protecting your eyes from harsh UV rays. They created 3 types of lenses, a High Definition Lens, a Polarized Lens, and a Photocromic Lens.

With a great company history and fantastic products, why wouldn’t you want to wear Etnia Barcelona?


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After Daylight Savings Time, More Darkness on Your Morning Drive May Mean More Vision Problems

It’s daylight Savings time this weekend which means you will turn your clock forward, resulting in a little more dim light driving on your morning drive.

A survey done in 2007 found that 32% of drivers say that they have difficulty seeing all or most of the time while driving in the dark.  20% had trouble seeing turns in the road and 22% had trouble judging distance while driving at night. 61% said that headlights from oncoming traffic is bothersome and 48% experience glare while driving at night.  73% said that correcting vision problems would improve their ability to drive at night.  None of this is is surprising.

The surprising stat was this:  Only 27% talked with their Optometrist about these problems.

If you have having trouble seeing at night, book an eye appointment and ask what could be done to improve your night vision. 


Wild WOOW Wednesday!

Today we are featuring our new line WOOW! Come in and check out our collection! This line brings fun, color, and humor to your wardrobe! These frames will make you look and feel younger! Everyday, when you put on your WOOW frame they will brighten up your day with a fun message on the inside of the temples.

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Near-sighted cell discovered in retina

Researchers have discovered a cell in the retina which may control the growth of the eyeball and the cause of myopia.   It also seems that indoor light might stimulate this cell to increase the amount of nearsightedness one develops.  This contributes to the observation that kids that spend more time outdoors tend to be less nearsighted.

Read more here.

Dr Michael D. Nelson, OD


Take Action Now. Ask the Federal Government to not tax your health and dental benefits.

The Federal Government is considering taxing your health and dental benefit plans – costing your family hundreds of dollars a year.

Join thousands of Canadians and send a letter to your MP right now saying you don’t support this tax.

Tell your MP that you don’t support a tax on health and dental benefits.

TAKE ACTION NOW!   You can use this Link to send a form letter to your MP.

Michael Nelson, OD

Canadian Association of Optometrists Leaders Forum

Dr. Nelson & Dr. Friesen are in Montreal attending the Optometric Leaders Forum.   An event that brings together leaders in the Canadian Optometry to discuss about the important issues in the eye care industry….We want you think about your eyes and how important your vision is to you.  Dr. Nelson is the Manitoba representative on the Canadian Association of Optometrists Board and Dr. Friesen is the Manitoba representative on the Canadian Examiners of Optometry Board.

Zeiss Week February 29-March 5

Come Celebrate our 20th Anniversary with Zeiss Week

This week only we have special promotions on Zeiss products.

We have $100 off of Zeiss Progressive Lenses, Office Lenses and Drive Safe Lenses.

We also have up to 45% OFF of Prescription and Non-prescription Zeiss Snow Goggles.

Drop by to take advantage of these promotions.


Your Eye is Worth $35,268,799 + Tax

Do you ever get frustrated with blurry cell phone photos and sometimes wish your camera was a clear your regular vision?  So here is summary of how much it would cost to buy a camera that is as good as your eye.

How Much Would Your Eye Cost if it was a Camera

Michael D. Nelson, Optometrist

Waverley Eye Care Centre

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Having Trouble Sleeping – See Your Eye Doctor.

Most people are familiar with that blue aura glowing from tablets and laptops….it looks cool but is it harming you?  We know that this blue light (now this is blue visible light, not UV light) triggers certain things in the brain.  One is that it can disrupt sleep patterns.  So some people have taken to wearing orange lenses for the last few hours before bed…..others have just put the devices away and read a good old fashioned paper book.

Orange Lenses Can Help You Sleep