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Nikon Lenses Make Your Iphone Faster

If I was to ask you what business Nikon was in, you would probably say cameras, or perhaps eyeglass lenses or perhaps telescopes…but you would be wrong.

A little known fact is that one of Nikon’s main operations is the manufacturing of steppers.  Nikon is the second largest stepper supplier in the world.  Now if you are like me, you probably have no idea what a stepper is.  A stepper is the device that is used in the complex process of photolithography, which creates the millions of microscopic circuits on silicone chips.  These chips are the building block of virtually every electronic device you use.

Steppers use dozens of lenses to minify the circuit patterns onto a silicon chip.  The most important feature of a stepper is a lens that provides optimal transmission and focus of light through the lenses and that is why Nikon spends millions of research dollars in developing the best optics and the best coatings they can.  This is why they are a leader in the field of steppers.

Now the great news for you and I is that Nikon has decided to apply this research to their camera and eyeglass lenses, helping us see the world clearer.

Michael Nelson, Optometrist, Waverley Eye Care

Progressive Lenses

Almost everyone will experience the effects of Presbyopia (the loss of focusing ability) in their 40s and 50s. For many this means the consideration of multi-focal lenses, and in particular Progressive Lenses, sometimes referred to as invisible line bifocals.

Progressive Additions Lenses (PAL’s) are terrific lenses that can provide a wide range of vision without having to take glasses on and off. One important fact to realize about PAL’s is that there are over 100 different brand names and they are not all equivalent. Some PAL’s have terrific optics and will be very easy to get used to, conversely there are brands that were introduced 30 years ago which are still be sold by some optical stores.

It is important to realize that not all brands of PAL’s are the same and that not all optical stores can get the same brands. Most independent Optometrists can get any brand of PAL available however most optical chains and big box optical stores to not have access to the premium quality lenses like Nikon and Zeiss, which are known in the optical industry to have the best quality optics and coatings.

Another feature of PAL’s that we offer is a guaranteed fit. There is a learning curve with PAL’s but if you haven’t adapted to them within a month, it probably will not get any better. We provide a 90 day guaranteed fit policy, meaning that if you cannot adapt to your PAL’s we will change you to a different lens at no charge. Surprising a lot of optical stores do not offer this or charge a fee for this. It is frustrating to hear patients say that the previous place they got lenses just told them that they had to get used to the lenses.

If you have any more questions about PAL’s just stop by and ask our staff.

Michael Nelson, OD