Embrace Your Individuality With Fysh

Fysh is a brand from The United Kingdom founded in 2006. They have a great influence on European eyewear trends. Fysh is known for their bold colors, fun patterns and creative textures. They have a wide variety of shapes and styles for you to chose from.

Fysh is “inspired by women who embrace their own spirit.” They are meant to inspire women to embrace life, and love the little things. Their frames bring edgy and unique personality to your face. They want you to be able to see life in a new and creative way.

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Protecting Your Eyes from Ultra-Violet Rays

Protect Your Eyes

Everyone wears sunscreen right? Well if we do so much to protect our skin, why wouldn’t we do the same for our eyes?

Studies show that only 42% of people wear protective eye wear from harsh ultra-violet rays. Your probably thinking that sunglasses and hats are your only option for protecting your eyes… think again. We also have contact lenses which will protect your eyes from UV rays up to 97%.

Myth or Fact

You only need UV protection in Summer months?

This is most definitely a myth. UV exposure can be reflected off of snow, water and even sand. It can also penetrate through the clouds. So next time when you take your sunglasses off when the sun goes behind a cloud… think again. The sun is the most dangerous in mid morning and late afternoon, because of the angle it is at. The sun can get around our sunglasses depending on where the sun is.

Kids are in more danger to UV rays than adults?

That is a fact. Children have much larger pupils and their lenses are more clear. Children also tend to spend more time outdoors than adults. They are also less likely to wear sunglasses, hats, or contact lenses.

Symptoms of UV Damage

Over time UV rays can damage your eyes. Some early symptoms are sore, red eyes, photophobia, irritation, and excessive watering. These symptoms can later lead to Caracts, Perygium, Corneal Sunburn, and Macular Degeneration. Cataracts is the clouding of an eyes lens and the part of the eye that focuses the light we see. Pterygium is a growth on the eye, that may eventually block ones vision. Corneal sunburn is very painful and can lead to temporary vision loss. Then there is Macular Degeneration which is loss of vision in older people.




After Daylight Savings Time, More Darkness on Your Morning Drive May Mean More Vision Problems

It’s daylight Savings time this weekend which means you will turn your clock forward, resulting in a little more dim light driving on your morning drive.

A survey done in 2007 found that 32% of drivers say that they have difficulty seeing all or most of the time while driving in the dark.  20% had trouble seeing turns in the road and 22% had trouble judging distance while driving at night. 61% said that headlights from oncoming traffic is bothersome and 48% experience glare while driving at night.  73% said that correcting vision problems would improve their ability to drive at night.  None of this is is surprising.

The surprising stat was this:  Only 27% talked with their Optometrist about these problems.

If you have having trouble seeing at night, book an eye appointment and ask what could be done to improve your night vision.



Take Action Now. Ask the Federal Government to not tax your health and dental benefits.

The Federal Government is considering taxing your health and dental benefit plans – costing your family hundreds of dollars a year.

Join thousands of Canadians and send a letter to your MP right now saying you don’t support this tax.

Tell your MP that you don’t support a tax on health and dental benefits.

TAKE ACTION NOW!   You can use this Link to send a form letter to your MP.

Michael Nelson, OD

Your Eye is Worth $35,268,799 + Tax

Do you ever get frustrated with blurry cell phone photos and sometimes wish your camera was a clear your regular vision?  So here is summary of how much it would cost to buy a camera that is as good as your eye.

How Much Would Your Eye Cost if it was a Camera

Michael D. Nelson, Optometrist

Waverley Eye Care Centre

Winnipeg, Manitoba

One Test in Grade 1 Can Predict Nearsightedness in Grade 6

One big question we have is what causes nearsightedness and can we stop it.  Well we don’t know exactly how to stop it but before we are able to determine that it would be helpful to know how to predict it.  So what test could we do in grade 1 that would predict whether someone would have glasses in grade 6 photo.

It seems obvious, but a study has shown that the more nearsighted you are in Grade 1, the more likely you would be nearsighted in grade 6.  Here is a link to the news report and a recording by the author.

News Report

Interview with Dr. Karla Zadn


Transitions Iconic green

Transitions’ ambassador Laurence Leboeuf was a sensation at the Sundance Film Festival. We caught up to her in the midst of the excitement of premiering her latest film #TurboKid. Her eyewear? Our Transitions Signature graphite green lenses. They were a hit too. Take a look. Contact us to learn more.

That Dress: Blue & Black or White & Gold

Dr. Nelson gives an explanation on if the dress is blue & black or white & gold


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worldcupsmallDo you have World Cup Fever?  Enter our draw for some World Cup Collectables including mini-balls, backpacks and a Fuleco stuffy!  Draw will be made July 1, 2014


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